First-Time Parent ChecklistsFirst-Time parent checklists provide expectant parents a vital tool in preparation for a new baby.  New parents may not know where to start with the list of many items needed.  One handy way to prepare for a baby is to review checklists.  These are excellent reminders and will likely have things on them that can be overlooked.  Checklists also serve as a way mark off what has already been completed, so you can get a feel for how you’re doing in the preparation process.

Good Checklist Criteria

Checklists ideally should be organized with item categories, notation of event deadlines, and prioritization of which things to accomplish first, such as with a newborn early essentials checklist.   For example, essential baby items to place in your home early before the anticipated delivery date should be clearly identified to differentiate them from other helpful, but less critical objectives.  A crib and infant car seat is absolutely essential and should be purchased weeks prior to a baby’s expected delivery date, in case of a premature birth.  Also, many of these items will take some time and research to find the right one that meets a parent’s need or taste.  Realizing the importance of helpful reminders, not to mention the benefit of checking off what’s been already prepared, has assembled several different types of checklists with special data filtering and prioritization options.


First-Time Parent Checklists: Types

Because there are so many things to remember and accomplish before accepting a new child, a newborn early essentials checklist is a very handy and essential tool assisting first-time parents with most important early items to purchase weeks in advance.  Examples of other common checklists parents will need are: an for the most important, a hospital checklist for the baby delivery, the standard newborn at home checklist, a baby safety checklist to help identify dangerous or potentially dangerous items or conditions, a child-proofing checklist preparing for when the babies begin moving about, and a day care provider checklist to help choose the right service for you.