New parents are a special breed.  They’re cutting teeth on something altogether foreign — a baby in the house!  And for those with multiples — babies in the house — yikes!  Because they lack the experience, first-time parents may not fully realize the tips and tricks or real life-savers that can make a big difference in caring for the new arrival.  Some of these items are for baby and some are for mom or dad.

First-Time Parent GiftsIdeas For First-Time Parent Gifts

Many first-time parent gifts are also appropriate for seasoned parents.  Standard fare such as clothing, wipes, diapers, etc. come in handy for any parent.  But for the new parent, who’s never gone though the baby routine before, special gift consideration for the new adventure is in order.  Whether it’s gifts for mom, gifts for dad, or something unique for either, you can find the right present with a little research.