McPolo’s BABYSOFT iBib ® Supremacy – the Instant “Head-Turner” that Moves 100s of Eyeballs On-Demand in Restaurants & Outdoor Sport Events – Fitting Babies from 3 MO to PreSchoolers 1st Day in School

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McPolo's BABYSOFT iBib ® Supremacy - the Instant "Head-Turner" that Moves 100s of Eyeballs On-Demand in Restaurants & Outdoor Sport Events - Fitting Babies from 3 MO to PreSchoolers 1st Day in School

McPolo's BABYSOFT iBib ® Supremacy - the Instant "Head-Turner" that Moves 100s of Eyeballs On-Demand in Restaurants & Outdoor Sport Events - Fitting Babies from 3 MO to PreSchoolers 1st Day in School
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Enjoy Baby Feeding Experiences ... Not Messy Clean-ups and Never Ending Bib-Washing!!

Leave the Tiring Job to B A B Y S O F T ★ iBib - The Ultimate Baby Bib Solution You Are Looking For

♦ No stiff plastic or fabrics. Only 100% premium food-grade SOFT SILICONE for the comfort of baby boys and girls
♦ Super Easy Cleaning: Rinse, Quick Air-Dry and Ready to Use Again
♦ Easy to get it on and off by parents, but not by babies
♦ Stylish, Ergonomic and Appropriately Sized for Fitting Growing Babies, Toddlers and PreSchoolers up to 6 Years Old

Baby feeding can be the most enjoyable experience to parents. But there are hyperactive babies; messy eaters on highchairs and at dinner tables, making parents dread the constant cleaning of mess. Let B A B Y S O F T ★ iBib do the job so you don't have to. The Smart Pocket collects spills and catches food stray with ease, leaving your little ones cleaner and drier during mealtime. Its total portability makes mom smile when packing ... every time


♦ Food catcher pocket will not get stuck on edges of tables or highchairs
♦ Wide & Contoured pocket will never shut even when completely wet
♦ Silky-soft, Pliable, odorless, waterproof, stain-resistant and never deform
♦ Easy roll-up in locking position as storage for baby utensils. Goes where the little one goes


B A B Y S O F T ★ iBib & 44 ...

♥ The ONE & ONLY Baby Bib offering TOTAL PORTABILITY, multiple designs and stunning colors for your choosing

♥ The ONLY Bib with fitting options and grows with your child up until the first day in school

☂ The ONLY Bib backed by a Lifetime Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee

♣ Get the "iPhone-Sensation" Recognized in Baby Bib World! Check it Out, Today ♫


  • ✔ SMART NECKBAND ★ No aprons or necklaces for boys here, or prints and rashes on baby's neck. No irritating Velcro to sensitive skin or loosening snaps of beaded straps or unreliable hook-n-loop and only being cute about it. ★ No threatening strangleholds on babies by string-lock button fasteners found in other bib designs. ★ Only plain and simple, well positioned SMART BUTTONs on McPolo's ultra soft neckband forming THE MOST NATURAL NECKHOLE FROM 6-IN TO THE LARGEST 16-IN RADIUS. ★ Generous options eliminate puckering for snug and comfortable fittings of growing babies, toddlers AND NOW, THE ELDERLY. ★ Strong buttons do not break or catch baby's long hair. ★ "SOFT-LANDING" advantage: Unlike BJORN-Like bibs and their TPE SPLAs (Stiff Plastic Look-Alikes), no push-back effects when baby leans against highchair food-tray. ★ Will not choke or traumatize smaller babies in any way, when most BJORN-Like plastic bibs DO. ★ "CHILDPROOF" AGAINST HEAVY TUGGING - Child can NEVER get bib off without parent's assistance!
  • ✔ CLEAN THE BIB, NOT THE MESS ON BABY AND THE FLOOR ★ Reusable and Super Easy cleaning. Washer, Dryer and DishWasher-safe but not needed. Just Rinse, Quick Air-Dry or an Easy Wipe and Ready to GO Again. ★ Put an end to water waste and never ending bib-washing. Save our environment, time and money. Enjoy more precious moments in baby feeding instead. ☂☂☂ Just Being Cute Will Not Cut It. We serve LO's with THE VERY BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS that produce happy parents ♥♥♥♥♥ NEED ONLY ONE ... One GENUINE & ORIGINAL McPolo's bib can easily outlast our cheap imitators & look-alikes ♥ NO MULTI-PACK OFFERS, NO FREE GIFTS, NO EXCESSIVE PACKAGING & NO TRICKS to buy more than you need, but come with SPECTACULAR GENDER-NEUTRAL COLORS all parents like! ♥ ... Buy 3 get FREE SHIPPING ♫
  • ✔ SMART POCKET - Deep, wide, soil-resistant Food Catcher, NEVER DEFORM or CREASE due to overuse or abuse ★ Unlike the aesthetic but non-performing pocket of Monkey Moo, Smart Pocket is designed to catch crumbs and collect spills with ease. ★ AMPLE CHEST AREA COVERAGE FOR COMPLETE SPILLAGE PROTECTION. ★ No leaky button-up pocket or "cute-silly face" with food pocket way too small for normal size babies. Only our world-class ergonomics and effective design can get the job done. ★ No bumkins, superbib, babybjorn, modern-twist, monkey loves tom, babybear, mother approved, oxo tot, make my day, ulubulu, bibimals, je t'aime baby, happy healthy parent, munchkin summer infant, busy bambino, dream bear, bellee, brown owl babies, ipow, explora, teeny tiny paws, babyearth, lullaby lane, scme, baby care pinch, jamika, rainy day babies, navy penguin, super baby food, snug, cow, frog, shark or tommee tippee about it. ★ Our ergonomically designed silicone bib with pocket is responsive, adaptable and yielding. NEVER GET CAUGHT ON EDGES OF TABLES OR HIGHCHAIRS. ★ WIDE POCKET OPENING NEVER CAVE IN NEVER SHUT even when completely wet. No flat-chested, narrow-gapped pockets like monkey moo & bella tunno that don't work. It's a modern twist without the bucket ... Tip: Serve light snacks in Smart Pocket to toddlers so they don't pick them up from the floor!
  • ♥♥♥ PREMIUM QUALITY - iBib ♥ replaces cloth bibs BY THE STACKS ♥ out-performs, outlasts BabyBjorn like bibs and their TPE SPLAs (Stiff Plastic Look-Alikes) BY THE DOZENS ♥ collects more crumbs and spills than Modern Twist Flat-Chested like bibs BY THE BUCKETS ♥ dries faster than OXO TOT like Half-Rubber bibs BY MILES: NO HALF-DAY BIB DRYING TIME BETWEEN MEALS. Just Rinse or a Quick Wipe-Down and GO ♥ delivers ZERO MESSY CLEAN UP that Make My Day like bibs can only dream about ♥♥♥ iBib is ALL 100% Ultra Premium FDA-approved food-grade silicone ♥ Ultra-soft to the touch, Dirt and Grease Repelling. NO SOFT RUBBER, TOXIC SMELLING GREASE MAGNET like Monkey Moo or FLIPPY-FLOPPY and THIN PLASTIC BIBS of Explora ♥ ECO Clean and Friendly, Anti-Microbial, Lint Free, Nonporous material produced from natural elements. Free of BPA, PVC, lead, latex, phthalates and other harsh chemicals ♥ pliable, supple, foldable, odorless, waterproof, stain-resistant in spectacular unisex colors and adorable baby animal designs all children like ♥♥♥ iBib is the One-n-Only 100% Portable Bib offering MOST innovative designs, functional and safety features, fitting boys and girls with MOST Generous Fitting Options and maximum comfort ♥ delivers BIGGEST Time & Energy $$avings; pleases most demanding parents with Highest Quality, Vibrant & Stunning Colors, Fashionable Styles & Elegance ♥♥♥ iBib gives parents the UNDENIABLE BRAGGING RIGHTS in overall product quality, hands down ♥♥♥ NO LOOK-ALIKE's and NO FREE GIFTS. ALL $$$ contributes to TOP PRODUCT QUALITY ♥♥♥ BUY GENUINE iBib ... the Awesome Baby Shower Gift all moms are looking for ☂☂☂☂☂ IRON-CLAD LIFETIME HASSEL-FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE
  • ✔ TOTAL PORTABILITY ★ Light, flexible, rolls up easily into a nice storage space secured by a concealed button for baby utensils. ★ The "iPhone in Baby Bib World" is THE ONLY BABY BIB LIVES HAPPILY IN DIAPER BAGS. Goes where the little one goes. Reason why every busy mom smiles when packing, every time! ★ Don't leave it at Grandma's, but buy an extra one for her. She can use it too! ... Tip: When short-on-time, empty out Smart Pocket when done feeding. Roll it up with baby's dirty spoon, remaining mess ... AND your worries, all contained!

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