JellyCAP – One Drinking CAP, Any Bottle (3 Count) (Blue/Red/Orange)

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JellyCAP - One Drinking CAP, Any Bottle (3 Count) (Blue/Red/Orange)

JellyCAP - One Drinking CAP, Any Bottle (3 Count) (Blue/Red/Orange)
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Product Description

JellyCAP turns any bottled beverage into a kid-friendly drink. Drinking out of any bottle is not easy for anyone especially the little ones. JellyCAP makes drinking fun and easy by turning any bottle into a sippy-bottle or a straw-bottle. JellyCAP assists kids when drinking out of any bottle and promotes independence with fun. Each JellyCAP comes with its own individual protective, plastic case. Dishwasher safe - the straw hole fits through most dishwasher top rack tines, preventing it from flipping over and filling up in the dishwasher.


  • Turns any regular size or wide mouth bottled beverage, like a bottle of water or juice or drinkable yogurt, into a kid-friendly drink
  • Use it with a straw or without one. JellyCAP fits any standard straw. Each JellyCAP comes with its own plastic, protective cover.
  • Makes drinking Easy and Fun for Toddlers 2+ yrs. Kids can now enjoy drinking from any bottle at home or on the Go!
  • Promotes independence by assisting kids to drink out of any bottled beverage. JellyCAP is Splatter-proof
  • JellyCAP is free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Lead, Latex and Cadmium - Made, Designed and Packed in the USA

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