Heaven’s Bliss Sippy Cup Holder Stop Drop (2-Pack Blue)

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Heaven's Bliss Sippy Cup Holder Stop Drop (2-Pack Blue)

Heaven's Bliss Sippy Cup Holder Stop Drop (2-Pack Blue)
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Product Description

Easy to use, mom invented product, which prevents your child's sippy cup, bottle or toy from falling to the floor! This is a great germ prevention and on the go product. It has a special velcro grip material which creates a strong hold on any cup or bottle and its unique design allows you to adjust the length to accommodate any height car seat, stroller or high chair that you attach it to. Now you can get a grip and never lose or have to chase fallen toys or drinks again! One side of the loop attaches to a crib rail, stroller, car seat, high chair, grocery cart or any other stationary device, while the other loop fastens securely to the object that you want to prevent from falling. Fast and easy for on the go parents! 2-PACK saves you money so you can get one for your car seat, stroller, high chair, crib rail, diaper bag and more. Just click the "Add-to-Cart" button at the top of the page for an Easier Life! MANUFACTURER LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


  • Ultimate time and back saver; superiorly designed mom invented adjustable soft strap up to 20 inch length; strong velcro grip material instantly stops drops; prevents drinks and toys from falling on the floor, so you can protect babies from germs and have an easier life; manufacturer lifetime guarantee
  • Multipurpose travel accessory for on the go parents; fasten harness to any beverage, toy, stuffed animal, stroller, high chair, carseat, grocery shopping cart, crib railing, diaper bag and more; machine washable, durable grip and non toxic; exceeds all safety standards; BPA free, lead and phthalate free so you can feel assured and have a deep inner peace
  • Never have to pick up a thrown drink or toy ever again; elite durable fastener attachment is as easy as 1,2,3 just loop, attach and adjust; adjustable in length up to 20 inches; now you can protect your child from dirty floors and not waste time losing items
  • Save your back; no more chasing or losing dropped items; better than booginhead, panda superstore, munchkin, royal lion, graco, fisher price, gerber and more; genius mother invented harness is winner of the iParenting Media Award; great for infants and toddlers of all ages; now you can give your child the very best and save your back; never lose another toy, feeding nuby or nuk again
  • Superior organizer; fun and trendy harness for on the go moms and dads; ideal for travel; great boys and girls nursery maternity gifts; multipurpose and can also be used to organize your car seats, home, garage, sports equipment and more; now you can escape the embarrassment of your child throwing down their drink or toy in public

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